03 April 2015

Easter is close - last minute DIY decoration ideas

I guess it is not surprising that Easter in my house is yellow, after all I told you in my last post.

I took decorating easy this year as my sweetheart won't be around for Easter. And - don't know how that works for you guys -  but to me the more people are around enjoying the more fun it is to cook, decorate or bake.

Still I am going to share some really cute Easter DIY ideas with you, that I found browsing the web. They are all last-minute-approved, hope you get inspired.

It's totally worth to check out those blogs - just follow the link below the picture - there is so much more to find. I love to let myself be inspired! HAPPY EASTER!

Easter wreath - upcycling jeans and waste fabric

how to make vibrant, natural dyed eggs

artistic patterns easily hand drawn 

napkin bunnies

Easter garland - done in an instant