23 March 2015

Homemade lemonade

Spring only started two days ago and I am all into yellow, bright colors, flowers and lemon.

For whatever reason lemon and spring go together in my brain. Might be a mix of the color, the happy scent and this particular flavor. Plus obviously trees are loaded with lemon here in Spain right now. We in fact use lemons to decorate the house. Seriously.

So obviously no better time than now to post a recipe for homemade lemonade, right? Here you go - and it can't get any simpler than the following:

5 lemon
150 g sugar
120 ml water
touch of salt

Use the grated skin as well as the lemon juice and briefly cook all together with sugar, salt and water. Let cool slightly and fill into bottles. Sirup can be mixed with water 1:10 for lemonade, used in black tea or mixed with hot water for hot lemon. Perfect for colder days.

I used this as an approximate idea, but right away started off with way more lemon. Also I used agave instead of sugar, which works perfectly fine. Your choice of sweetener will certainly do. Stevia, honey, white/brown sugar, agave, birch tree sugar... There are so many options.

This is not my recipe. Unfortunately I can't remember where I found it.

What's your favorite recipe with lemon?

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