25 January 2015

gratefulness review onto 2014

I think retrospectively seen this was my motto in 2014:

Last year had some challenges ready both privately and work-related. If I had known beforehand I might simply have checked out onto a small little island somewhere in the middle of nowhere ;-)

As practicing gratefulness is a good thing I sat myself down to become aware of the blessings of 2014. And here is what I am particularly grateful for:

I learned that my friends are truly there when I need them. 

I know now that I am deeply blessed by the love of friends & family.

I realized I could grow beyond engrained limitations.

Love, support & strength make new beginnings possible.

These past 12 months have been beautiful, light, festive, deep, boring, funny, draining, exhausting, fantastic, dramatic, annoying, disappointing, wonderful, touching, challenging. The full flavor of life. And if only one moment had been different - I wouldn't be who I am today. Thank you.

And what are you grateful for?

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