09 December 2014

gifts, treats & DIY: my favorite links December 2014

December 2014: Here I am sharing some of my currently favorite links with you. They are all somewhat Christmas, holiday-season related. 

Some make nice gifts: like putting all the dry ingredients of the life changing loaf of bread in a nice box, adding the recipe, a gift tag & a nice ribbon - and there you go: an extraordinary, yummy &  healthy present. 

let's make it a gift: life changing loaf of bread

I definitely need to try the DIY game 'pairs'. All that is needed are beer coaster and pics (2 identical each of course). That should be fun!

Some make a treat for ourselves or loved ones, like a glas of raw vegan eggnog or the vanilla-rooibos fig newtons. Should be great together too...

let's drink it: Raw Vegan Eggnog Milkshake

let's bake it: the most delicious fig newtons

I particularly enjoy a cup of indian masala chai. There are millions of different recipes out there. Just start out with one and give it your own twist. The must-be ingredients of my chai are: milk, water, cloves, cinnamon, star-anise, cardamom, fresh ginger, peppercorn, black tea, sugar/honey/agave syrup.

possible mix of spices for indian masala chai

At times I enjoy browsing the web for inspiration. There are really col recipes and ideas and free give-aways out there. Any links you recommend this month? 

Usually all pics are taken by me on this blog. In this post though I've used the pics of the respective websites, except for the spices. That again was captured in my kitchen. Just follow the link right below the pictures and it will take you to the corresponding post. 

Hope you enjoy!