30 November 2014

decorating for holiday season 2014: get inspired!

I don't do much decorating during the year, but when it comes to the holiday season I am all in. I love getting inspired by other peoples creativity, so I spend one or the other hour reading and surfing for inspiration. This is throughout november usually.

At on point - rather shortly before the first of December - I put out all the christmassy stuff and spread it on the table. It pretty much is the same every year with one or the other new item that found its way into our house. Then it's all sitting there in several boxes quietly waiting for me to find its place and company. That usually takes a couple of days and is always a surprise. Which angel is going to sit where, which colors are going together this year and so on...

We have this tradition in Germany - it doesn't seem to be so very known though: We call the four Sundays leading up to Christmas 'Advent Sundays'. On each of these days, we light one candle on the Advent Wreath. This is something which has been accompanying me all my life and I love continuing this tradition although its not done in Spain. Here they traditionally celebrate the 6th of January.

Well the Advent Wreath can be bought (even here on Mallorca), but is much nicer self-made. Mine looks mediterranean with little olive branches, 'cause thats what I find in my garden. For me Christmas, well entire December really, wouldn't be and feel the same without this tradition - its so festive I think!

I also attached some golden stars and little christmas trees to the birds cage and got a Advent calendar with treats for our dog. I guess a little craziness is ok, right? Or to put it differently: each and everyone needs to be spoiled, at least a little...

And lucky me: I get spoiled by my mum. She still sends a box filled with self-made cookies! Every year it needs some convincing work, but so far it always worked ;-) And those cookies are soooo good. No way we could stop that tradition! What would Christmas be like? Don't really wanna know...

Happy holiday season everybody! 

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