14 November 2014

coffee moments

You know, I noticed a little while ago that in fact there is always time to enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea or juice or whatever your favorite may be). Having grown up with a german conditioning until recently work came first, but always. Work and if by chance there was any time left after fulfilling all my obligations: enjoyment.

Living in Spain now I am learning enjoy first and work from that more happy place. And that's what I would like to encourage you to. It makes a huge difference in how centered and satisfied I feel. One moment at a time, one day at a time. And: I am still a beginner, still learning. So come and join me in learning to enjoy life at its fullest! I am curious to hear how you make your day.

a small cafe near Munich

in Santanyi, Mallorca after having done my veggie shopping

and of course wine moments happen too...

and cake moments... after a hike in the Tramuntana

watching wind surfers

at lake Starnberge south of Munich

at the ocean front

in Campos, Mallorca

right in front of our local church


  1. Thank you for sharing this with us Julia, it prompts me to write to you about the stolen moments in my life.

    There are ups and downs to running your own business, but one of the ups I discovered last year, after running the business for 12 years!, was that I didn't have to be at work for 9am. The pressure to be there at that time happens in my own being only, no one is going tell me off! So, now, everyone else gets there early, some like to get there really early, and I go to work after I have had some time at home on my own.

    These precious minutes of total solitude and silence inform the rest of my day. I sit, stroke the cats, tidy up from breakfast, have a bath, meditate... whatever feeds my soul in that moment... and then I go and help everyone in the office.

    This starts each and every day on such a lovely footing... the day seems to blossom from the silence of just being.

    with love,


    1. Dear Jeannie, thank you for sharing. This definitely is an upside of running our own business. And so precious, if we take the opportunity. As you said: the day seems to blossom from the silence of just being.

      What I have found during those years I worked for a company and needed to show at a certain time is, that even in that rather structured and at times tight setting there were moments I could steel for myself. But I had to do it. Make that a priority. Then opportunities show up.

      Encouraging those of us, who do not have the luxury - and hassle ;-) - of running their own business.

      Thank you for being part of this wonderful togetherness here, Jeannie.

      All love, Julia

  2. Wow wonderful pics ;-) Really great, now i want a cup of coffee ;-)

  3. Thank you, Tanja. Happy you stopped by!