05 January 2014

this was the holiday season here

Of course I had lots of ideas what to get done before Christmas to make it really special and beautiful. Then I fell sick and it all went down the drain. Life took over, put me on the sofa - who cares about my intentions anyway? That gave me a good opportunity to be with 'imperfection' and 'chaos', well at least according to my standards.

decoration as far as I got with it

* entries on the blog introducing beautiful presents - didn't happen. But I figured every day is a day to gift ourselves or our beloveds, so in the course of the year I am still going to share what I consider really sweet gifts with you.

* baking Christmas cookies - didn't happen. Lucky me, my mum brought a huge box, plus hers are way better anyway.

* sweeping the driveway - didn't happen. Well, I found out I can live with that (if I have to ;-) and nobody else seemed to bother.

* being all set and prepared in terms of presents and food - didn't happen. So I finally experienced what it is like to be downtown on the 23rd. Not my favorite, but not too bad either.

This list could go on for a while I promise. Those of you who know me might figure by now that those days were slightly (to be polite) challenging for me...

But hey, it all worked out wonderfully in the end! Mum and I did the most amazing cooking, my dad chipped in and my husband gave a hand. Sharing Christmas Eve with those who are dearest to me, fireplace lit, unwrapping gifts, listening to Bach's Christmas oratorio - perfect! Lesson learned. The hard way.

traditional transylvanian dinner Christmas eve:
sausages with the best-ever-salat-de-boeuf made by my father

And here is what I wish all of us for this year: to stay more and more relaxed and present even if life doesn't seem to move according to our plans. It's a good thing to learn to follow the stream of life rather than trying to force it our direction. My latest recognition ;-)

pic taken in Galerie Lafayette, Paris

Now let's enjoy 2014! and gracefully navigate it's ups and downs. I am right there with you.

January 1st: started the year with fantastic food!
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