11 January 2014

looking back onto 2013

I took a moment to look back onto the year that just finished and I was kind of surprised to realize it was filled with many - and I mean many - special events. How beautiful! Abundance in many ways.

Sao Paulo, Brazil: sharing two Retreats with the huge brazilian hearts over there
had to get used to that much heartiness - love it!

still in Brazil, further north though, near Fortaleza
another Silent Retreat plus a few, much appreciated days of holidays

8 days blue sky - skiing at its very best in Kitzbuehel, Austria

back home on the island of Mallorca
here at a wine tasting with dear friends

5 days of hiking with friends in the beautiful 'Tramuntana' on Mallorca
enjoying the quiet, nature and company - beyond words

honeymoon spent on Formentera - 5 years late ;-)
maybe the most tranquil days I have experienced so far

welcomed our new family member 'Bodhi' - he grew quite a bit since then
his best friend is Toni, a grey stray cat, that found a new home with us

a very special afternoon: celebrated my birthday with friends,
lots of music & good food obviously - could you have guessed?

7 days in a small mountain hut with a group of friends interested in truth & self inquiry
 - what a wonderful Silent Retreat! Such a special time we spent together!

in Bavaria, Germany attending the 3rd (out of 6) training
in Somatic Experience. Will certainly share more about that soon.

my husbands first CD/EP got released! Big excitement as you can imagine
'PATHLESS - Sound Of Truth feat Bilonda' listen into it here

in Paris - no words needed

And this is only a selection I shared here with you, can you imagine? 

In June for example I spent wonderful days with my brother and nieces, who I only get to see once a year. Days that we spent all together in my parents house. A house for two, all of a sudden shared by six! Lots of fun for sure.

The detox retreat with Sarah Britton in early september changed my understanding about the power of food and my whole approach to cooking. Basically I spent more time in the kitchen than on the computer working since then... 

In october we celebrated my mother in laws 85th birthday in South Tyrol, Italy. Days in the circle of her entire family, that valued her for who she is. Isn't that amazing?

Plus quite a few more fond memories, like days with friends back in Munich, Christmas shared with my parents, lots of harvesting in my veggie garden and all those little moments that make our day. Isn't life generous? 

Thanks to all of you who were part of this past year in any way. Thanks to all of you who crossed my path. I am very grateful for that! 

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