04 December 2013

handmade pepper mill - love on first sight

Anything handmade really catches my attention. I am in awe of people's creativity, the love for detail and often the quality of craftmanship. These pepper mills I am going to introduce to you today were love on first sight. 

mine is the dark one, made from prune wood

I love the form, the functionality, the mill work (steal), which works finer than the Peugeot that I have, but over all I fell in love with how the pepper mill feels in my hands. So natural, it has kind of a velvety touch to it as the wood is not lacquered, but oiled and super finely sanded. Oh la la, once I get going...

The bottom line is: I am using it every single day. My poor Peugeot mill only gets used for cooking once in a while, it ended up being partly retired since this beauty moved in.

I personally couldn't think of a better Christmas present. Might go for a salt or nutmeg mill myself, which come a little smaller in size and with a ceramic mill work. But this kind of present is equally good for Easter, birthday, mothers day, anniversary or any day really...



Isn't it interesting to see how a pepper mill is born from a raw piece of wood? 

The entire process is manufactured by two pensioners, one of them being my father. Those two friends - friends since 40 years now - put so much love and care into what they do, it's beautiful. It's their passion and you can feel that. Revenues are mostly reinvested in tools, so the intention is not to make money, but to do what they love. Do we really need to become pensioners to finally learn that lesson?

pepper mill heaven

ok, let's talk facts: pepper mills come in approx 20 cm hight, salt & nutmeg mills come a little smaller, price is around €60 depending on size. You can chose the size and the type of wood, which i.e. olive tree, teak, multiplex, pine and others

And no, I am not earning anything on this. In fact not even the producers earn any noteworthy amount. My blog is about sharing what I love and those mills are definitely way up on my list!

Oh, maybe I should let you have contact details:
You can either contact me or even better send an email to Diethart Zimmermann diethart.zimmermann@gmx.de

I am certain you will enjoy using the pepper mill! 

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