29 November 2013

starting advent season

I agree - it's been way too long since my last post! In november life has been fully on and as every year I am dreaming of a slowed down, relaxed advent season - already anticipating though that that might not happen as I tend to go crazy decorating the house, baking cookies, thinking about gifts and and and...

For now I'll share with you last years decoration. In the next few days I am going to share what our house looks like this year. I am also going to show you some of my favorite gifts, introduce some cookie recipes, DIY gifts and whatever else comes to my mind, being a Christmas freak ;-)

pieces of wood, angels, hearts, nice ribbons, snow flakes, stars...
there you are with some really special X-Mas decoration  

keep it in one or two colors! I used red & gold last year.
arrangement of Christmas tree balls, sticky stars on the windows...

and this is how far I got with this years decoration

What does your place look like? What is your tradition, recipes, rituals? Do you care about Christmas season at all? Please feel free to share your ideas, I am so curious to learn more about that!

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