07 October 2013

that was September...

Taking a moment and looking back at the last month, I realize quite a lot has been going on in September.

First there was the detox retreat with Sarah Britton. A true aha experience, I have to say. Since then I am not only even more enthusiastic about cooking - well I guess that's pretty obvious - but especially about how I can make healthier choices in my daily life. I am trying out all this good stuff, which I thought was only for 'health freaks' and really difficult to make, like nut milk, raw humus, tahini dressing... And guess what? It's super simple and all my husband has to say is: hmmmmmm. Plus our bodies really like it! You see, it's a everybody-is-happy-deal.

Ibiza, Austria, Munich & back home to Mallorca - wow!

A few days at home and off I was again to share my own retreat in Austria. We spent a week in a wonderful small mountain hut, perfectly remote and surrounded by most beautiful nature. Well the perfectly remote part included quite a bit of carrying stuff up - uf, still feeling my back. 7 days and 8 people, dedicated to learn about ourselves, exploring how we can live more peacefully, more lovingly together. It's been truly extraordinary! The honesty and vulnerability, the willingness to see and grow beyond our unconscious habits - awesome.

One more day in Munich, being with my parents, seeing some friends, then another flight and schwups back home. After those special days, it took me a while to arrive in my daily life again. A little yoga helped, allowing myself all time and space did too - just again became aware that the system needs time to digest, integrate and contemplate. Especially so when lots has been going on. No point in forcing myself really.

Oh, and something I learned from Sarah and am practicing almost daily now is vitamin P. Vitamin pleasure. What can I gift myself with today? 30 mins of siesta, a little walk, picking some flowers... So good and helpful to get priorities straight again and not get drowned in the so important daily obligations. Give it a try! Well, I am out for a walk now.

That has been September. Quite a month! Curious what October is going to bring. I can already see, it is not going to be much quieter.

ENJOY fall - a time of harvest and giving thanks! Thanks for checking out my blog!