10 September 2013

6 simple tricks to stay healthy! All inspired and filled with energy after attending a 6-day detox Retreat

Ups, quite a while since my last post... Summer in Spain has it's own pace, which pretty much is a mixture of enjoying the sea, the long and warm evenings and relaxing in the hammock for siesta. So now you understand why nothing was happening here during August. But now rain came (what a treat for my veggie garden!), so life is calling me back on my computer. Plus there is amazing news, which I like to share with you.

Last week I spent on Ibiza attending a detox Retreat with Sarah Britton - check out her simply wonderful and truly inspiring blog mynewroots - which to be honest was quite revealing.

Not only to experience the bodies reaction after coming off caffein, any sort of grain, diary products, meat & fish - did I forget anything? - and eating mostly raw, of course all organic. But also to learn about simple tricks how to support this miraculous embodiment and get a bit of a bigger picture what we are talking about when it comes to food intake and its effects on the body and our all over wellbeing.

That's what food can look like. See the beauty here?

I wasn't off too bad physically, just a headache, which decided to stay with me for a little while. I felt my body needed to rest and take life easy in order to give space to the cleansing process going on inside. Actually that cleansing started to reflect in my state of mind too after a while. Priorities would shift, clarity would arise and then especially after day 3 an amount of energy would be available, that I haven't experienced yet in my life. Boy!, I would wake up early morning loaded with life energy - and I have to say until then I definitely wasn't an early bird at all! - with a smile on my face and a positive outlook onto life, still feeling very grounded and in touch with myself. In fact I felt more transparent, less protective. And I am speaking about a change in food intake, isn't that amazing?

Well, I could go on and on as you might notice - still feeling so inspired! - but what I really would like to do here is to share a few simply tricks with you that I learned. That kind of simple stuff, that we can easily integrate into our daily routine and therefor gift our body with substantial support. So here we go:

1st if you are still using regular white table salt switch for a more healthy and nutritious form of salt, like unprocessed sea salt, himalaya salt, fleur de sel... Those salts are not chemically bleached or processed and therefor still loaded with minerals and all the good stuff. And easy enough try making herbal salt yourself, using dried herbs, like i.e. rosemary, sage, thyme or pick and dry them if available. Chili salt using dried chillies is another possibility, flower salt using dried flowers like calendula, rose petals, echinacea... Just let your inspiration take you and give it a try!

my little collection of homemade salt: herb, flower, chili (clockwise)

2nd if you are still using regular white sugar switch to raw honey, maple sirup, birch tree sugar, agave nectar or you might want to experiment with using dates or figs for your desert recipes. I know there's lots of controversy going on when it comes to sugar - and I am not an expert - so just find what feels right for you. There are quite a few alternatives really and pretty much anything is healthier than the regular processed white stuff and artificial sweetener of course.

3rd starting your day with a warm glass of lemon water helps your body to stay alkaline (which practically means staying healthy as acidity promotes illness), helps digestion & detoxification, plus provides you with vitamin C. Just a small amount of fresh lemon juice is enough, no need to go sour in the morning.

lemon - your good friend! Try using the zest too in your cooking.

4th go organic and local whenever you can. We really do not want all those pesticides accumulating in our tissue, liver - well the entire body really! Plus we end up supporting a more sustainable, local and eco friendly way of farming, which is a sweet way of giving back to mother earth. Something I like doing.

5th don't go anywhere without your water bottle. Drink plenty of good quality water. Something between 1,5 to 2 liters a day is recommended. Yes, in the beginning you may find yourself spending more time than usual in the bathroom, but once your cells got the hang of it, they love it, suck it all in, send the toxins out, kidneys are getting used to it and - miracle - not that much peeing anymore.

6th an eye opener for me: stay as closely as possible to the original produce. Means at any time you might want to recognize what you are eating, which is when you take a look at all the ready made meals or comfort food for example, isn't that much the case anymore, right? You don't know what's in it? You don't understand the labeling? Maybe you want to reconsider putting that kind of stuff into your body.

still can see the original produce, can't you?

Of course this list is endless and may be continued another time. I feel those are just so simple and small changes and still promoting quite a big effect on our bodies. Being more conscious about what we are consuming on a daily basis, it's effects on our bodies, our energy level, our state of mind, the environment and the farmers, but also the food industry - I think, boy that's pretty revealing!

As you can see I am on to something. Hope this sparkle could inspire you too a little bit.

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