20 July 2013

a few thoughts on 'togetherness'

It's promintently in the header of this blog: 'together' is the magic word - and I have been contemplating on that since a while.

It seems to be obvious, that we as a human race have reached what can be reached as individuals. With all it's upsides, success, but also consequences. To go beyond that, it now needs a sense of community, a sense of contributing. To quote Aristoteles: 'The whole is more than the sum of its parts.' 

But what's needed, what's the prerequisite for that? Or differently put: what keeps us from collaborating? Contributing generously to each other, to the community? 

To me it feels that in the depth of our being we love to belong, to participate and to share. So really, what's standing in the way to live that?

Profound question, don't you think so?

If this is not inquired, 'togetherness' will be an ideal, which - if at all - is experienced coincidentally. With all it side effects, like trying to make it, failing, being hard on ourselves and others... Does that speak to you in any way? Well, it certainly does to me.

So here is what has been showing up in my consciousness until now:
As soon as there is agitation in the system, the sense of community and togetherness seems to diminish. 

Attention moves towards the agitation, trying to understand, solve or get rid of, and kind of 'looses' what's around me. Could we say so? The bigger that feels, what is perceived as an inner disturbance, the less we notice what's going on around us. And a sense of being wrong, being separate might arise from that.

Puh, that's good to see. 'Cause really: how often is agitation arising inside one way or the other? 

Ok, let's take a break here. No conclusion, no solution. This is not the end of the exploration. Just seeing, being aware. Feeling, sensing. Allowing space and time.

How does that functioning contribute to my life, the people around me as long as it is playing out unconsciously?

Step by step. 

I am curious to hear from you on that, learn about your findings. This might become a joint exploration. I would love that. It might make visible, that it's not personal in the first place. But let's see...

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